Projects are created within a store to count a number of store's locations. You can create as many projects as you want, each one with different set of locations for instance.

Project status flow

project status flow

status description
inventory_list_pending this is the default status for newly created projects
processing after inventory list is assigned to the project it's data will be processed in the background and imported
error when there is something wrong with inventory list background processing - from here you can try to re-assign inventory list
inventory_list_assigned when inventory list is processed successfully - from here you can start the project or optionally assign different inventory list
started when project is started its locations will show up as awaiting count and can be counted by store's members
finished after all project's locations are counted project is finished and inventory report file can be generated and downloaded
canceled started project can be canceled at any time - its locations will not show up as awaiting count anymore and all started counts will be automatically canceled

You cannot have two projects in started status with the same location.